Linking products, processes and informations

One of the targets of Industry 4.0 is the high-grade individualization of products based on highly flexible (manufacturing-)processes. The required information within each step of the process - from development over production and logistics all the way to service - has to enable Industry 4.0 products and information merge together and become one.

Therefore, information and information processes  have to be variable like the products themselves. Only in this way can information be effectively classified, assigned and presented in various contexts.

PANTOPIX can already show you today how you can implement Industry 4.0 with your products and product information. We use our knowledge of already running projects and can support you whether you are building production sites, are producing and selling series of varying (mass-)products or are developing customizable software.

PANTOPIX supports you in flexibly using and linking information. We are an independent consultancy focused on the development of information models suitable for your company and your products and help you optimize your information processes.

With a long experience in this industry all PANTOPIX consultants can draw from al multitude of "Best Practices" and industry standards. We analyze your information and processes, specify topic-oriented information models and develop process-oriented metadata models and/or semantic nets. We are also happy to support you in the selection and implementation of the required tools and software components. All in all, we support you throughout your entire modification process up to Go-Live.

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