Information management

PANTOPIX helps you present your product information for all media – from hard copy through smart apps to interactive portals – for the following product communication publications:

  • Technical documentation
  • Printed and online catalogues
  • Marketing documents
  • Training documents
  • Service documents and spare part catalogues


  • Development of modularisation concepts and corresponding semantic data models
  • Design of taxonomies
  • Connection of product development and authoring
  • System evaluation and implementation

Procedural model for selecting and implementing authoring and cataloguing systems*

  • Clarification of objectives, requirements and parameters
  • Development of a data model and application prototype
  • Compilation of a requirement specification (requirement catalogue)
  • Description of user scenarios
  • Definition of decision-making criteria
  • Organisation of supplier presentations
  • On request, participation in decision-making
  • Development of a pilot with the selected supplier
  • Assistance in the technical specification phase
  • Supervision of the implementation
  • Test, acceptance and go-live processes
  • User training

* This is the model we use in all cases when implementing systems or interfaces. Individual steps can also be omitted or performed by the customer or system supplier.

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